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Initial Consultation:
This will consist of thorough questioning about your condition, any relevant medical history and details about your social activities to enable the physiotherapist to understand your condition and the effects it has on your lifestyle. A physical examination will then be carried out, and the affected area exposed, so please dress appropriately. Shorts will be needed for a lower limb or low back assessment and ladies may wish to wear a vest top for a shoulder or upper back assessment.
The findings of the assessment and diagnosis of your condition will be discussed with you, along with treatment options, advice and appropriate exercises. The physiotherapist will also discuss goals of treatment and return to work / sport timescales.
If it is deemed that physiotherapy is not appropriate for your condition, or if the therapist feels that you may benefit from additional services ( podiatry, medical imaging etc.), onward referral may be necessary.
We do offer physiotherapy for children, but all under 16's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
You can self- refer to the practice. However, a GP referral letter may be required by some insurance companies. We also accept referrals from GP's, consultants and other health professionals.


Physiotherapy sessions are available 5 days a week, including evenings.
Home visits are available within a 5 mile radius.
Please call 07582 827714 or 0114 2473687 for pricing details and to book an appointment.


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