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Back pain, acupuncture Sheffield



Physiotherapy treatment may include the following:


  • Soft tissue and joint mobilisations to restore range of movement and reduce pain

  • Soft tissue treatment to reduce spasm and increase blood circulation

  • Electrotherapy (may include ultrasound, interferential, muscle stimulation, TENS and LASER therapies) - may help to reduce pain and aid healing

  • Acupuncture (the insertion of sterile, fine needles into specific points on the body)  - may help to reduce pain and muscle spasm, release trigger points and tight soft tissue.

  • Exercise - to help restore movement, increase strength, reduce muscle tightness / stiffness and balance.

  • Biomechanical assessment  - identifies abnormalities in posture and the way you move, which may lead to injury

  • Screening / functional assessment - full body 'MOT', to identify areas that may be prone to injury, allowing preventative measure to be put in place and may improve performance.

  • Core stability - provides a stable base for movement

  • Advice on managing your condition, pain relief, adaptations you may find useful and how to prevent symptoms worsening or recurring in the future.

  • Hydrotherapy available at our sister clinic, Steps Physiotherapy

Joint, muscle pain treatment Sheffield
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